Friday, December 21, 2007

It was to nice out to say no. -4 and not much wind so I cut my gym time down and went for a longer ride on the cross bike. The lighting systems are getting more of a workout in the off season. I'm still getting lots of strange looks when I'm out in the snow. Most people are thinking where is his snowmobile? Ya I live in one of those towns.

Two more training days till a well needed recovery week. I'm not sure which part of me needs the bigger rest. The workout/bike side or the work side. Things like usual are crazy at work and with the shut down between Christmas and New Years it's really important to get as much done. As for the body. It will be a recovery week but that doesn't mean I'm going to sit around and only eat and drink. I will be defiantly doing some of that but there will still be lots of snowshoeing and riding. Did I mention the 50 bottles of wine sitting in the racks.

Alright time for work. Is the boss ever allowed to fire himself?

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