Saturday, December 15, 2007

That is what my body is right now. Got into see Dr. Cameron at Total Body and tracked down some more of my problems. It all links to the crash and the way the muscles tightened after the rib healed. Of course I was unable to stretch alot at that time and things went down hill from there. My right hip is up considerable higher than the left causing huge balance issues. Well I have my list and its time to get things back in check. Can we say a life of stretching.

Today was a mix of weights in the morning and snowshoeing in the afternoon. No bike not at -20. I like the cold but not that much. I also wants to give my legs a bit of rest.

Got a 1.5 hour snowshoe in with the monsters.

Now the nest step for training will be playing with this toy. If you look close it has pretty smooth looking tires on. Since I really only had a chance to do the one ride/race on the bike before the end of the season I've set it up for riding the rollers.

So a few miscellaneous comments. I'm glad to see that finally another major sport is being nailed for drug use. Takes some heat of cycling for a change. Not that I approve of drug use but it seems that none of the high paying pro sports have really given a shit about the drug problem. Well its about time that they got nailed. Hopefully hockey is next.

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