Monday, December 24, 2007

Rained out. I really wanted to get a long ride in outside yesterday but that evil mother nature said NO. Was dressed and ready to go. Stepped outside and things were still fine. Plus 3, cloudy and calm. Ok there is a window of riding time. It lasted 5 minutes. I didn't even get out of town and it started to hammer down rain. Not light drizzle or mist, down pour. Turned around and coasted my butt back to the house. Time for the rollers.

2 hours in the high zone 3 with three 5 minute max power intervals. I will need to start on the trainer soon even if it means having both set up side by side and jumping from one bike to another. I'm going to be maxing out my roller resistance very soon. That is a very good thing.

I'm become very aware of my alignment issues and trying to correct it as much as possible while riding. It is going to be a lot of work getting me squared up but I know Dr. Cameron will get me perfect. I did get a bit of pain in the right glute near the end of the ride. Just muscle tightness but enough that I was aware of it.

Today was a little more play. I'm in a recovery week and have testing at the end of the week so I can build my training schedule for the next month. This meant active recovery and yoga. Well it was nice out and not raining so I went for a ride. I really had to get out on the bike today. I had lots going through my mind and the bike is my way of clearing things. The simplicity of the road bike. I love mountain biking and love racing mountain bike but there is nothing that feels as simple to me as being on the road bike. All you do is turn your legs. No logs in the way. No rocks, no thinking. There are times that you just feel like you are floating.

This was supposed to be a recovery ride but the wind did have its on ideas on this and because I live in a really hilly area it was a bit difficult to keep the heartrate down. There were a few spikes in the first half of the ride. This is what I see right near the end of every ride.

Oh, the other side is worst at 11 percent only 7 blocks from my house. I did cruise down to the marina and finished at just over an hour with an average heartrate of 133. I little higher than I wanted but considering the conditions it was better than being on the rollers. I also came back in a much more centered mind. It always works.

The warm spell we had for the last two days followed by the flash freeze last night made everything pretty much bulletproof. Tomorrow is Christmas and I wish everyone the best of holidays. This is also a time of excess in something and with my sister and Rick here something tells me there may be a little to much alcohol consumed over the next couple days.

No riding planned for tomorrow but the family will probably get out snowshoeing or x-c skiing to clear up the liver. Have a great Christmas everyone.

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