Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Dazed and Confused

Well I'm confused. Went and got tested. Nope not that type of test. Had my vo2 and wattage testing. We actually couldn't finish the test because I moved the bike off the trainer block. This is a bad thing. I've really trained myself to have a high cadence. 105-110rpm. Now the bad thing to this was I needed to ride down at 90 rpm to do this test. It didn't happen. Heather let me spin in my range but we are getting really screwed up number that totally don't jive with my riding ability.

I maxed out at 300 watts which is very confusing. On the road bike I compete with guys who are at the 400plus watts and am able to hurt them in club rides. Hell I was 2nd in the points in interclub competition till I did more solo rides. And the weight difference between us is minimal. What gives? Also I bounced right off the front wheel block of the compu trainer. I spend all my time on the rollers at home and have a very smooth pedal rotation and anyone who uses the rollers knows that if you're not smooth you fall off. Confused?

Because of this we did have to stop. We weren't able to get my v02 etc but the heartrate zones did come out to what I thought. I was at 199 when we stopped. I still did have more in me but of course we can't get the bike back on the block then start again. We will be redoing the test in a couple weeks. We were able to set my zones for this month.

One good thing was my bodyfat. I'm at 13.9 which isn't to bad for offseason. I'll be down to around 10 percent by race season. My weight is back down a bit at 168.

Now my shot in the dark on theory of why I can ride with the big boys with wimpy legs. Lance Armstrong trained to raise his cadence so that he could ride at the same speed as others using less wattage. Wattage eventually equals tired legs where the heart can go for much longer. It is also easier to accelerate spinning an easier gear than it is to push a smaller cog. Equals less fatigue. Also for me because of my ongoing knee issues it is less strain on the joints spinning at a higher cadence.
So 2 riders riding at the same wattage but one at 90 rpm and one at 100rpm obviously the one at 100 rpm will be across the line first.

Heather is going to figure out why I was bouncing on the trainer and I'm going to do some experimenting here on the rollers. Now last winter during our indoor spin sessions with the Tri Club I was able to move the rollers a foot sometimes in max speed sprints staying seated but yet I was still very smooth. Very very confused.

The retest will happen just after Christmas. I have a planned recovery week for then so I will be well rested. My legs were tired so hopefully we can get this all sorted out and see some good final results. Gym night tonight. Time not to think about it.

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