Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Trying to burn off some of those Christmas calories and the buildup in the liver. Oh the gorging that was done. Did a short loop into the gym this morning. Just enough to get the legs warmed up. It was one of those mornings though that got right down to the bone with cold.

The mist in the air looked pretty but at -5 wasn't all that enjoyable to be out in.
Short round at the gym and then the return trip home.

The fun began this afternoon with a family run of snowshoeing.

Took my sis and brother-in-law to the backside of the Wye Marsh. Nice easy warm up then came the fun of the ravines.

35-40% grades will get the heartrate going.

What goes up gets to come down.

And up

and down

Time for the next killer dinner.

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