Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Years everyone. 2007 flew by and I'm really happy with this season. I'm already getting excited about 2008. Spent a few hours at the gym with Dr. Bill and checked strength and weakness that I have. He will have a weight training program built for me for the month of January and we are going to link it in to my bike time. This guy is really smart and at times was fighting to keep up with all the information he was throwing at me.

Most of my 08 race schedule is pretty much ready to go. A few of the 8 hour events are not listed yet but they are later in the season. There could be some O-cup and Canada cup events brought in this year to as training days. Help on my quickness of the line.

Will be finding out what status my race rig is in in the next couple weeks also. I have yet to find out what front shock I'll be using but for the most part the buildup is identical to what I've been on for the last 2 years. Sram shifting, hayes brakes, Mavic wheels. Roughly 21 pounds.

New Years plans for this fella. Meeting up with some friends for a late evening snowshoe. Of course there will be some warming beverages included. Playing nice tonight because some moron scheduled a base training tomorrow. Oh ya that moron was me.

Hope everyone has a great night. Here is to the 2008 race season.

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