Wednesday, December 19, 2007

So why am I all happy. Newest sponsor for 2008 and one that is going to make a huge difference. Total Body Pain & Injury Clinic is going to keep me on the up and up. For all those in the central Ontario area who have been fighting injuries this is the place you need to come to. Check out their website because there is just way to much information for me to transfer over here explaining what they are able to do.

One of the awesome things with Dr. Bill is that he also races road and mountain and knows what type of abuse training and racing puts on the body. We will be adjusting my weight training program once the knee tracking issue is dealt with to a more specialized workout. Mix this in with all the treatment.

SO what does this mean for me and more so the competition. This means no more sciatic nerve problems. No alignment issues and major bio mechanic improvements. I became dramatically faster in this past season and that was with plaguing injuries. HMMM what happens when Matt is healthy with no pain. If things go well my body will be 100% which it hasn't ever been.

We have already started building a training/treatment schedule starting right after the Christmas break. This will be great because I will be doing another power test with Heather at the end of the month. Nope won't screw this one up. I learned my lesson and will spin slower. Dam habits. This will give us our building base for the next month.

I did train tonight but because of time restraints was limited to a 40 minutes zone 2 spin. I'm running out of resistance on the rollers. That or gears and saw that Jeff Kerkove put a towel under the 2 rear rollers. I will defiantly be trying this or I'll be looking into a wind adapter for them.

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that sponsorship will straighten you out!