Saturday, December 29, 2007

Well the original plan for the went out the window pretty quick today. It was supposed to be a 2 hour zone 2 ride, preferably outdoors with some time at the gym mixed in there. My legs were feeling a little tired after the test which obviously they should be so the workout was going to be pretty light. Core and upper body.

Ya, well mother nature had her own ideas today. Temperature-fine, snow or rain-nope, 45 km/h winds-yep. Just the shortest route to the gym was a zone 4 ride and that was defiantly not by choice. Still spent an hour on the bike plus the workout at the gym. Well time to modify the plan.

It was time to play in the snow. Went for my first x-c ski of the season.

Even though it was not great for riding the snow conditions were tough to get a good wax setup. Grip wax is an art. I'm still learning. Today with temps just above the freezing mark and a crazy wind it really was the perfect conditions for waxless or better yet skate skis. No skating for this fella until I get the O.K. from Dr. Bill. They are ready to go though.

It was nice to get out and I brought the lunatic along. She has been going nuts since trail riding ended. Skiing is the next best thing to get her the runs she needs.

Now some quick history. I used to race Varsity alpine skiing in college and then went on to teach and coach at a local resort. I was even on the ski school commercials for a year. This is what made today interesting. I looked like a complete klutz on a couple downhill sections trying to hold onto my balance let alone other things. Now the place I did ski at is not exactly known for its smooth rolling hills and turns. Hell there was dam near hairpins at the bottom of these hills. As the season progresses its not an issue but for the first few times out it was a bit sketchy. A grand total of 16 km and an hour and a half of zone 2 which sure beat sitting on the trainer.

Nice section of track set. Awww sweet

The Molly Monster taunting me to try and keep up. Look close she is way up there.

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