Monday, December 17, 2007

With winter here this is the best time to break in new gear. Better to find out now than in peak training time or worse, race day. The first new product this year for myself are my 2008 mountain bike shoes.

I've been using Sidi since I got serious about riding and for the 08 season I'm using the Sidi Eagle.

The quick adjust ratchet upper strap is fantastic and there are enough increments to fine tune the fit. The lower two straps have the security system which integrates a locking track on both sides of the strap to prevent slipping.

One thing that I found with other shoes were the spacing underneath for pedals. I run Time and have never had any problems getting clipped in. Sidi has spaced there toe and frame lugs far enough apart to accommodate the widest pedals without losing traction for those rare hike a bike section. Toe spike mounts are there also available.

I've put a few miles on with them and lets just say that my feet were in heaven. As comfortable as your favorite slippers but have the performance you would expect from a top level shoe. If you're looking at new kicks for next year defiantly put these on your list to try out.

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