Friday, January 22, 2010


Wednesday turned out to be a really good day. Kept in my work mode for the morning and spent time in the shop building shelving and starting one of the walls. The sun was still up but it was chilly so delaying the ride a little bit was not a bad idea. 3 pm came around and I had bottles and bike in hand ready for a couple hours.

I made my way to the hills of Oro for some nice long steady climbing. I'm very happy to have that 34 tooth on the cross bike. Out on the 8th line in the from the corner of my eye I spotted this. Look close, Yes that is a huge ass jump and landing. Notice the gap??

No I didn't attempt it. Kept motoring along eventually making my way to the 5th line. It's not common that I ever get nervous descending. Hell I love coasting except when it's cold.

Yes this hurt. My feet were a little mad at me at the bottom. It was about minus 8 when I was out. I started racing the sun. It was dropping faster than I was getting home. The last 20 minutes of the ride were down right freezing to my feet. Just over two hours.

So this leads to the more exciting part. I had such a great day off that my body decided that it wanted another one. Went to bed at the normal time but was rudely awakened by my stomach at around 1am. I was also shivering. Grabbed another blanket and curled up. Maybe 20 minutes later I was heading for the toilet. From there it was to the couch in the livingroom where I cranked up the fire. Who would have thought that you can get cold sweets when the livingroom is 90 degrees. More trips to the toilet.

Laying there with a cramping stomach I'm trying to figure out what happened. I've had food poisoning once before and this was exactly what it was. 7am finally came around and I talked to Mom. Work was dealt with and she was going to come and pick up the Molly Monster. It was interesting on how close both Molly and Bob wanted to be to me, animals and their senses.

I spent all day on the couch halfassed watching movies. It was more I would put a movie on and listen while trying to sleep. I was able to eat a little chicken noodle soup (the greatest thing every) around 4 followed by some fruit. Still was feeling trashed but at least my eyes didn't go crossed when I tried to move.

So what do I think did it to me? It was either peanut butter or soy milk. I am thinking it was the peanut butter. I've had a few weird things happen with it in the past and of course my wonderful stomach has caused me more grief in the past than normal. Well it's just one more thing that I have to add to the list that I used to miss eating.

My whole body was aching though, because of all the abdominal straining everything hurt. I totally had a six pack showing. Was in bed early last night and got a really good solid sleep. Actually one of the best sleeps I've had in a long time. I'm still feeling a little off but compared to yesterday I'm feeling Olympic.

Stats Sorry
Throw ups 8-10 stopped counting after the first
bottles of water consumed 15
movies watched 9
hours on the couch 16 roughly
food consumed in the 24 hours one bowl of chicken noodle soup, one orange one banana
weight before and after 155.4 the night before 153 this morning.

Hmmm getting closer to the planned wieght but not the way I wanted too do it. Looks like I'll be filling my face today.

Back to work, time to play catch up.

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Kev said...

You probably caught the same noro-virus outbreak that's been moving through the area and shutting down the hospitals in Midland, Collingwood and here in Barrie. Out of nowhere you get chills, puke your guts out for a couple of hours, and feel like real crap with aches for about a day. Total down time is 24-48 hours, then you feel mega again and wonder what the hell happened. Don't give up on the peanut butter just yet.