Monday, January 25, 2010

Option B

I surprised myself yesterday and opted to not go and play in Toronto at the bike park. As much as I really wanted to, as much fun as it was going to be I had to consider option b as my first option. So what was option B? Train local, work on the shop, work on the house, try and exhaust my strung out dog.

I think the later was even more of an influence in my decision. Molly has not had a really good run now in over a week. If any of you have ever dealt with a high energy dog that happens to have all that energy bundled up you know exactly what I mean. A simple walk does not do it. Snowshoeing unless it's in 2 feet deep snow just doesn't cut it. My training was just as much for her as it was for me.

They had called for rain starting in the morning but no time set so it was up early and out the door just after 8. I had the plan, or what I hoped would really workout and that was a long skate ski out on Georgian Bay. I was hoping that with the mild conditions and the lack of new snow the ice might be perfect. It was just about.

Parked the truck at the Victoria Harbour town docks, about 5 minutes from my house. The tree line was up and I just started to push away watching my lunatic dog go at full speed. Yep she needed this. I needed it also. It's been a few weeks since I've been out for a skate ski. The ice was also going to be a great place to work on my technique. Biggest perk, no hills. Since I have a hard time staying in mid zone 2 at any ski resort the lack of hills would give me a fighting chance. I started to mix things up a little also between some 1 skate and 2 skate. Wow ski techno garble.

We made our way past the beaches of my old stomping grounds of Port McNicoll. Hmmm which way to go? Let's go to Midland. Kept pushing along at a good steady pace. I was feeling really good, staying in the sweet spot of the zone and I actually looked skilled. Of course from the distance that anyone could see me from shore I looked like a dark spot on a piece of paper following a smaller dark spot.

As I came around the next point I saw the mini village of ice huts. Still don't know how anyone can sit in a little hut or on the ice for hours on end staring at a hole waiting for a dumb frozen fish. Oh, I know, Alcohol!!!!! Kept motoring through and thought hey I could grab a coffee, wait I didn't bring any money. Not to many convenience stores out on the bay so the thought never crossed my mind to grab a little cash.

As I got closer to the town docks my route came to an abrupt stop. Ice breaker had been through a week ago. Things were frozen but trying to pick a path would be a nightmare. Time to turn around. We pushed steady until I hit the Paradise Point, yes that is the name. A quick 5 minute break with a granola bar. Molly and I split it but I think the portion versus size was not fair. I'm 154 lbs, she is 55 lbs and some how the bar got split down the middle.

I needed the break though, I could see my body was showing a little fatigue as those little motor balance muscles were not working as well. Not much farther now. Kept a steady pace but had one more forced break. The line I was on was a bit bumpier than the way out. More snowmobile traffic made it a little messy. Finally slid back to the V.H. docks and did the ski cool down. That is walking for anyone not in the know. Ok maybe it's walking for me to make my knees feel happy.

2:10 in time roughly 30 kms, 1 tired dog. I jumped on the rollers for the remaining 50 minutes and I could feel the legs screaming. Coasting in skiing equals stopping. Great day and weekend in general. Molly is crashed on the couch which is good, looking like a rained out night tonight

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