Thursday, January 28, 2010

Chasing numbers

It's interesting what the body can do and how it acts as it tires. I opted to get on the vomit machine for last nights tempo work out. I hadn't used it in a while and I have to admit I was interested to see where my legs were at. I also wanted to be the most productive and lazy at the same time. How does that make sense?

Well with the wattage trainer 'm not worried about things like, well balance. I could flail my arms around and stare backwards and not have to worry about falling off the rollers and having the stupidest crash of the season in the middle of the winter. With not having to worry about balance also meant I could use that extra beat or two a minute that would be keeping me balanced and instead have it working with the legs.

I've done so many little things on the bike to amuse myself like seeing how changing hand positions, riding with no hands, one hand, affects my heart rate. Over the course of an 8 hour race these little differences all add up. I did the nice smooth increase in wattage after a good warm up and I hit the sweet spot. Then I started getting bored after 10 minutes of the same output so I started playing ladder games with the wattage keeping me just in the HR zone. I was really happy with the numbers I was turning my feet at. I'm up from last year at this time

Just under 2 hours of pedaling and I got absolutely no where. Hmmm, I thought humans were smarter than hamsters. Outdoor play tonight, hopefully it will be more exciting. There is some fresh snow, I think some skiing is in order.

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