Saturday, January 30, 2010

perfect timing

I just happened to glance to the right as I topped up my coffee cup, for the second time. As I stared I needed to really focus to make sure I was seeing things right, is that below the 30??? Minus 34 currently, I think hell may have frozen over.

It made my previous evenings project even more justified. For some reason this week I've been finding it a little difficult to get on the bike. I want to train and being outside would be amazing but certain things must still be done on the trainer or rollers. I've been thinking about what and why could I be in that mood. The sunroom is totally set up, 5.1 surround, tv lots of windows.

I've done big long hours out there and normally don't have a problem with it but everything has to be optimum to make me want to sit in the same spot for 2, 3, 4 hours with out it including a beer or glass of wine. Why am I not inclined on going out there, what changed?? Then I clued in. It's cold, but wait I was out there all last winter with no problem. I'm skinnier this year, currently sitting at 153 lbs. I had no idea I had ribs there. Could it be the lack of body insulation?

After lots of thinking about things as I sat beside the warm fire I finally clued in. It's colder in that room this year. Why, that wonderful new floor I put in I intentionally covered the two vents in that room so that it would be cooler. Also not to waste the heat from the furnace, oh ya I haven't turned my furnace on all winter. I've been heating solely with wood this winter and been loving it. It explains a lot. That lead to last nights project of turning the back spare bedroom into the new and improved much warmer training room.

I found it so interesting that such a simple little thing of being a couple degrees cooler is all it took to smash any craving to being on the bike. Maybe I need to rephrase that a little. I love my bike, I love riding my bike. Riding the trainer is not riding a bike. It is a self inflicted torture that attempts to resemble riding a bike and that is only because the tool used to self abuse is in the form of a bike. There is no bike talent needed to ride a trainer. That of course means I need to have things perfect if I want to beat the crap out of myself .

As January comes to an end I'm seeing more specific bike workouts in my training sessions, this rearrangement of locations couldn't have come at a better time. I need to keep that motivation up high as we come into that notorious time of the February blahs. Hmmm, think I'll get some more coffee into me before heading to the new and improved torture chamber!!!

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Tristan Spurr said...

Matt I still get lost on my tariner.....