Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Endless options

It's Wednesday, normally Wednesday don't mean that much. Mid week of the work week. Usually an endurance work out. Not really meaning anything out of the ordinary, except every once in a while Wednesday means endless possibilities. Today is one of those days.

Things are a little sane in my work world, busy but not crazy busy like normal so this has given me the option to take the day off. Yes a middle of the week day off, I think this is like the greatest thing in the world. Makes the work week go by smoother. Work two days, off one day, work two days, then the weekend. Maybe it should be like that all the time?

So what can I do with a midweek day off. The sun is coming up, it's still chilly though. Well currently when I would normally be getting in the Element heading to the office I'm still sitting on my couch drinking coffee. I'm starting my life about 45 minutes behind schedule and it's great. Hit the snooze button a few more times than normal. I know I shouldn't have even set my alarm but I do have a few things that must be done.

I have my workout rundown from my favorite slave driver and I have a minimum and a maximum that I can do. I'm currently looking at the maximum hours and think oh ya. Now could it be a mix of biking and skiing? Could the riding be indoors or outdoors. I do have a few intervals to incorporate into the ride. The weather is looking like it could be a perfect day for outdoor excitement.

With a mid week day off you still have that work mode type mindset so I find that I am more productive in one day than I am all weekend. The only problem I have is where do I start. The training stuff is the easy thing. I have work that needs to be done out in the shop. The new shop is still under construction and I need to put some serious time in there because Mom's house closing date is only 2 months out. I know that seems like an eternity but with no power or heat in the shop I'm restricted to warmer days and sun powered light to make things happen.

I have that list of things to do in the house. A bedroom ceiling to be painted and some trim to finish before the carpet comes. A kitchen that has been on hold since New Years that I need to start working at again. The list keeps growing and the time keeps getting shorter to get things done. Of course I still need my down time in between all that stuff. Maybe I should just sit on my couch and stare out the window at the world outside and daydream while I drink another coffee.

I'm feeling exhausted already with the list of things that could be done. Hmmm maybe having endless options is a bad thing. Maybe having a midweek day off is a bad thing when you have all these options. Maybe I should spend the day in the office tormenting customers. Nope, the day off is great. The coffee just kicked in and gave me that smack I needed.

Time to start playing (sorta)

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