Wednesday, January 27, 2010

It's like this, it's like that, it's like this

No flow just whole lot of stuff. Maybe that is why I didn't finish my workout yesterday. To many things happening, the mind was wandering way to much that I couldn't focus at the task at hand. I was multitasking multiple tasks which basically sucks.

It was spin ups and one legged stuff last night and about halfway through the one legged stuff my mind just said get me off here. It didn't help that the wonderful smell of excess bike lube that had splattered on the floor, ya it was lube the chain in a rush and that meant a mess. Well that odour started to completely drive me nuts. I'm using that as an the reason, it seems like a good one.

Maybe it was the great weekend outside, maybe it's been the physical work on the weekend? Work the last two days have been very physical but more so mentally draining playing Mr. fix the other guys mistakes and giving the customer confidence in the product they just bought. Dealing with a few competitors that don't seem to know what they are doing. It's just an appliance it's not brain surgery. Either way I was just not into it. I'm going to stop and pick up a couple new movies tonight because I'm on the trainer or rollers again tonight with some tempo work. Distraction, distraction, distraction, hey look over there.

Spent 2 hours eliminating thought from my mind stripping the paint off the Gardin. It's done and as of 10 minutes before I started typing has the 2nd coat of primer on it. I have a few colour ideas happening and for those that know my old life of import car junkie, it's going to look sweet when I'm done. I've paint a few cars in my life that looked sweet. I think the bike may be the easier one.

Speaking of cars, my Audi is finally being sent out tomorrow to get fixed. The mechanic is finally ready for it. I actually impressed myself on how patient I've been with waiting. I think of it this way, the car is clean. Very clean and salt free right now.

No flow, no focus except for one right now and that is coffee!!


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