Sunday, January 31, 2010

Ok Spring it's time

I've done my part, now it's your turn Mother Nature. You can be nice and melt everything on the bike path. Talks amongst the crew for a fixie beer run have started we just need it sandal weather.

A simple copper metallic which looks really sweet in the sun light. Kinda like a new penny, do we still use pennies?? Drop bars, yes there is a brake because the 44-16 gear ratio will have me motoring along at a slightly high rate of speed. Those random barriers along our waterfront trail are a little narrow at 30 km/h. Now I just need to focus all my not work or training energy at melting the snow. Ok how about just the snow on the bike bath. Is that to much to ask???

A very successful time on the trainer yesterday. The new setup works perfect, just the right temperature that a fan was not needed but yet warm enough that I was not shivering on the bike. That half step of mojo loss has been repaired and I'm ready to deal with the next 45 days of limited outdoor rides. I'm not waiting on any stupid ground hog to lie to me about when winter is going to end. I do trust the rodent a little more than the weather man since his odds have been a little higher than the weatherman. I guess he sticks to the theory of I looked outside, i got snowed on, it's still winter, I didn't freeze my little rodent nuts off winter is coming to an end. Works for me.

With the thoughts of winter ending comes the final thoughts of my race schedule. I'm having a real debate right now on what to do for June. Solstice solo? attempt to find a partner and tag it, get on a team? Lumberjack 100? Look for something else long to do? Just do the Ontario Cups, Canada Cup and marathon race? With my focus on all four 8 hours this year I'm just not sure what I want to do in that wonderful month of June when there is no snow and the sun is high in the sky. I've been searching for a calender of all the events in the states but Ride424 doesn't' seem to be updated anymore. I'll have to make some decisions very very shortly. Right now it's coffee before heading out for an epic snowshoe.


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Anonymous said...

June...pick one:
Big Bear
BC Bike Race

They don't get any better than those two.