Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The up and downs of the Molly Monster

After a great weekend of play and training for me I've been dealing with a very very strung out dog. The Molly Monster is a very interesting girl. I've seen days where she has hammered out 50 km of running with the boys on a long fun trail ride and other times when she has looked at me, looked at the crew and said screw it and jumped back in the car for a nap.

She is very content to relax on the couch more and more now being 6 and a half but that turns very wrong now that she is getting back in shape. With all the skiing that we have done she is back to looking trim with a waist. Yes, Molly has had her moments with some winter weight but a word of advice is to never say anything like Molly is looking fat when she is in ear shot. Some have done that ending up with a licked water bottle.

Now the problem with her being fit and energetic is that she just can't seem to get enough exercise unless it's in a big block. I found this out this weekend. Her normal 3 hour ski didn't happen and apparently a couple 30 minute walks just don't cut it. She was strung out all day yesterday and when she saw the snowshoes come out she started bouncing around like a lunatic. It sounds cute at first but when you are trying to get ready and she continues to do spins and race around in front of you annoying is a better description.

That lead to the MNS snowshoe last night, we heading into the hills of Copeland. Lead by Death March Liz who once again took us in a loop that didn't look like a loop but has us return back 10 feet from where we started. Amazing. Lots of climbing and there were a few comments made about why are we going up the side of this crazy hill. Once at the top I was a little unimpressed that she wanted to go back down so quickly. I wasn't' the only one. They spend more time at the top of Everest where they could die than we did at the top of this hill. It was almost as high, almost.

Molly bounced through the snow for the hour and back at the cars was still strung out with the obsession of a stick. Yes still bounce with energy. Not that this is a bad thing, I'm hoping her endurance continues so she can once again do the odd trail ride on the weekends. Of course she is always welcome on the couch. The old saying the less you do the less you feel like doing. It works in reverse also. Speaking of doing, time for work.

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