Friday, January 29, 2010

Back with a vengance

My plan to go xc skiing came to a wind screaming halt. Winter showed up yesterday with a vengeance and after spending the hour plus snowblowing the foot and a half of snow out of the driveway my craving to go back out in it was pretty much gone. The chances of any groomed skate trails or track set classic were about as good as seeing the daisies.

A little time on the hamster wheel of death and then some bendy time. I'm looking forward to the weekend. I'm still feeling a little off. I think I over did it last weekend. The 6 plus hours of training and then spending 3-4 hours each day work away in the shop moving wood, etc caught up with me. This weekend is going to be a little more low key with a lot more rest.

It's a fine line sometimes on how far you can push your body. Finding that balance point of work and rest. Of course the business side of life does have to take a priority over the cycling side. Not this weekend. Some fresh snow means some good play time. I'm thinking a good snow long hilly snowshoe may be in order this weekend. There is a nice pair of MSR snowshoes I've been craving to buy and with Mom somewhat inheriting my current pair, it's great she is out there playing, a mini shopping spree may be in order.

Time for work, it's Friday!!!

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