Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I felt it coming on and I'm going to put up the good fight to keep that evil away. You know that feeling of the starting point of sick. That annoying little tingle in the throat. The heart rate drops, the draggy feeling, the body weight going up a hair. etc etc. Instead of visiting with the crew on the typical Monday night thing I opted for a long stretching session and then the couch.

When ever I get this feeling I always look back at the week or so earlier and see what it was that had changed in my life that got me to this point. It's such a fine line we play sometimes with the work, training and rest of life that one little change and the whole thing comes crashing down. I'm really not in that mood to be sick. I'm a really grumpy person when I'm sick.

I did make a little shopping run, a few new pairs of gloves, a reflective things for the insoles of my shoes that keep the feet warm, a misc chemical thing to really keep things warm. If I buy all the stuff for cold windy rides it will cause a shift in the earth and it will be instant rainbows and butterflies. This is a proven fact. The reason Barrie area has had very little snow this year, Jer and Andrew bought new snowblowers. Watch this weekend, I won't need any of the gear i just bought.

The count down is one, winter is running out of months, weeks, days, hours, minutes, seconds. Maybe it should just roll over and die now??? Instant spring works for me, yes Ben we could all just fly to your place in SC!!!

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