Saturday, February 27, 2010

Stop living in the past boy

I'm starting to do everything I can to will the snow away. A little spring clean up of the blog was in order along with the list of what the hell I think I'm going to do for this year. All this indoor crap has to be for something. I've pretty much got the self abuse list finished. There are a few maybes in the list and a couple if I don't do this I can do that possibilities. The focus this year is the three 8 hours and the 9 hour, everything else is bonus and fun. There still is a link to old results and stories below.

Being the anal planner that I am I've already started preriding race courses, booked hotels, etc etc. Of course that is all in my head that I've been doing this. Maybe it's the anticipation of the season that I'm starting to feel couped up and wanting to play in that giant sandbox. All the signs are pointing to spring though, new road bike, race schedule are being posted, it's not minus freezeyournutsoff, I'm about to put all indoor house renos on hold for the next 9 months, etc etc.

It's coming so that also means training. Took a few days completely off the bike. The closest thing to physical activity has been a couple good stretching sessions and snowblowing the driveway. For those that have been to the house, you know that's a workout itself when it's close to an hour to clear on a good day. I'll be jumping on the hamster wheel of death shortly. Complete control of today's tempo intervals. I know what watts I should push at what heart rate for so long so I will be staring at that little display so hard that it may be feared into producing what I want to see. I am feeling better, minus the beer residue that is currently running through my system.

More to come (riding, stories, pictures) and more to go (snow?? Hoping)

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