Friday, February 12, 2010

Good luck

With a slightly longer weekend than I would normally have I'm moving a little slower this morning. 4 day weekends are fantastic, would be nice if it currently wasn't minus 22. Looking at those temperatures I'm thinking about my sister and brother in law as they get ready to join way to many other crazy people at the Canadian Ski Marathon.

I like skiing, not that much to want to ski back to back days of 80 km. They have had some interesting conditions in the past with years of perfect snow and weather to times when the event had to be shortened because of lack of snow. Hopefully the conditions are a little nicer this year. Jenn is only doing one day of 80 km but Rick is going for the gold where he carries a pack with what he needs and then sleeps outside. No Thanks!!!! I know Tanya will be joining them also, I'm hoping she has a much better ski this year.

I'm thinking that I might do a nice short in comparison skate ski today

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