Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Feels like a hangover

After a 4 day weekend dragging myself out of bed this morning to the sound of the alarm clock, mine sounds a little funny because of the years of hitting it with blunt objects. I'm wanting one more day to sleep. Of course one more day leads to another to another. Having a recovery week on top of that has actually left me feeling a little sore, how I don't know and very unenergetic.

Last night's snowshoe was hard to even get motivated to head to. Sitting at the side of the road I was yawning as I talked to the newbie. Krista, like usually was very chipper even after a 4 hour snowshoe earlier in the day. Those runners are a feisty bunch. As the cars rolled in my energy continued to drop, standing and waiting I faded more until the word go was said. A few moments later I found that energy I needed. I still moved with as little effort as needed but felt better.

I learned something about my friends last night. If the trail isn't taped were in trouble. Without Death march Liz leading the group it took about 40 minutes before the first "I don't know where we are" comment to come out. This of course was after someone said that we can't get lost in this area, it's too small. 10 minutes after the first sign of concern it came out again. I ended up taking the lead and with motivation of the hot chocolate in my truck I lead us to safety.

It would be interesting to go back and check our route during the daylight and seeing how many times we came close to crisscrossing. No one was lost and I only heard one comment about eating Molly if all else fails. Once back at the cars I consumed the last of my hot chocolate as my energy level went back to it's original lower level.

I'll be feeling draggy until I hit the office this morning. It's also back to self abuse tonight with a list of intervals to do. At least I'll be playing in the newly setup training room, part of this past weekend list of projects to do.

I think it will be an extra coffee day!

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