Wednesday, February 24, 2010

no good names

I had that great post for this morning had everything worked out last night. Like normal everything is delayed. Again. Instead I got on the rollers with optimistic expectations and the decision that I would get off if things didn't look or feel right.

The scheduled abuse was the perfect thing as a test. Nothing close to top end, just some high cadence stuff. I watched the little numbers carefully. They said I wasn't dead which is a good start. I know that my body is very much a diesel engine and warm up is always longer for me so the first 15 minutes I wasn't expecting the numbers to jump to that perfect zone. A few minutes later things were right where they should be. A couple more intervals and one legged things and I decided to keep the time on the bike on the low side. Better but not 100 percent.

I'm looking out the window with coffee filled eyes and noticed that winter has showed it's face again. I know I shouldn't be complaining to much about it since it's still February but I'm looking forward to the spring. It's not just the riding side, I've got my list of stuff for the house that needs to be done, with have Mom's move coming quickly and I'm hoping that we won't be tromping in the snow. Ok let me rephrase that, hopefully the movers won't be tromping in the snow. Clear roads, warm sun, playing at the local bike park with the bmx. Soon.

Off to work

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