Thursday, February 11, 2010

Keeping that smile

February is a tough month usually. Training intensity starts to pick up, hours increase but more is the problem of winter. By the time February rolls around we are a solid 2 plus months of snow and cold. There are always options of other sports to keep you amused. Yes xc skiing is very enjoyable but you won't see me signing up for a race anytime soon.

Snowshoeing is enjoyable and with friends it's even better. Great power work out in the right conditions but technically it's just walking with big shoe . How they offer lessons at resorts on how to snowshoe still shocks me. I wonder if they include how to tie your shoe and the push and pull dynamics of opening the door of the rental shop.

There is always the option of heading to a warm place to ride. Both Ben and Peter have both offered this option to many. I wonder what would be better though. Suffering indoors on the trainer with continued anticipation that spring is coming or going to some place where spring has never left, ride for a week, get sun burnt and then return to home to go back on the trainer for a few more weeks? Hmmm Don't get me wrong I would be heading to one of those hot spots myself but work is busy, a shop is going to need to be moved etc etc. I just can't take the time off right now.

Then there is this manly ride thing, the challenge amongst friends to try and one up the rest and call them a biotch. The challenges have been laid and the routes are being laid out. I think that the manly ride should also include wearing a greasy wife beater tank top. That seems to be the clothing of choice for the local rednecks who seem to be at the top of the food chain of the man's man.

Of course the purchase of a couple new bikes helps keep the motivation up that the warm weather is on the way. Last night's work out for some reason seemed to do an even better job at getting me motivated again. It was nothing challenging, just spin up and one legged things. A couple of easy days let my legs feel really good during the work out but it was the older 24 hour of Adrenaline video I watched that seemed to get me smiling and thinking. Seeing the dirt and logs and rocks. Lots of other racers doing what they love doing. Come on spring, melt that snow!!!

The secondary thoughts are still involving a 24 hour solo for this year. Yes, I am doing one for sure it's just which one. I'll be staying local this year, I still have some scheduling to figure out but right now I'm actually smiling at the thought of doing another. That's how it starts, that's what will get you through the February blah's.


L.C.G. said...

yaaaa dvds! I have about 15 mountain bike dvd's for my bike trainer so I have something to stare or glance at...these guys offer a lot if your collection needs adding to! I like watching downhill though because it's fast and exciting.

Kris said...

Rode outside today ( and the stoke is definitely rekindled. So I think the concern about going somewhere then coming back is a moot point. i'll be drawing from just those couple of hours for the rest of the trainer season and be much happier for it. my $0.02.