Thursday, February 18, 2010

Comes back to bite you

Going through the work day yesterday I still had no clue what was on the training agenda for me. I was also in one of those feisty taunting type moods and send out a few text to Jacob and Tristan who now have set a new level for winter riding. Check out their post on it sometimes later today. The weather was far from optimum for the ride they put in.

A few more texting bugging Mr. Watson about his power test and intensity, well what was in that wonderful email from my most favouritest coach in the world. Does that say z4, is that intensity, is that with power. So my output of words brought it back to haunt me. I knew this day was coming. In short, the work out was basically find as hill that keeps getting steeper until you can't ride up it. OR attempt to simulate the same on the trainer.

I opted for the trainer, I lost count of how many times I went up this imaginary hill but somewhere in the teens I was basically blowing up at the top of the hill. I won't tell you what wattage I was pushing and where I blew up but I was happy with it. I will say that near the end I was attempting to recover at 130 watts and it still seemed to be to much. It takes more effort to coast right???

On another note, the Mountainview Cycling Club is back again for the 2010 season with a couple new additions. The biggest one is being part of the inner club road race series now. This means the club will hold 2 small road races this summer. I'm looking forward to this, just hope the timing will jive with training. A few changes in management but seems like things will be good. We will also be holding another Ontario Cup race along with the return of the 9 hour race. Now we just need the snow to melt.

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