Monday, February 22, 2010

it was an illusion

Headed out yesterday looking at the wonderful sunshine. I'd already been out for a walk with the dog and knew there was a wind but I hoped that the predicted warm temperature would be enough to counteract it. Started heading south and by south that means up and down, into the hills I went.

I was feeling not to bad for the first hour and got into a good steady rhythm but then the body started giving me a few signs, then a few more then it said you should turn around now. My heart rate dropped like a rock. I was feeling pretty good in the morning, just a little sore and that is still linked back to the xc ski on Thursday more than anything. I have been sleeping a little off though. I think it caught up with me.

As I turned my bike to head back north is when it kicked in. I knew it was there and it hit me like a frying pan to the face. Speed slowed and so did the body. Yep there is a wind there. I started to recalculate the return route home. With my heart rate not wanting to rise meant no wonderful warm blood getting to my fingers and toes. I started to zig and zag to get breaks to thaw out. This did lead me on to a few gravel roads which are currently mud roads. The bike wash tub looked like a sand box.

I eventually made my way to Coldwater where even though I was only 20 minutes from home I needed to stop and hide from the wind for a few. My hands had gotten to the point of the painful cold. I'll be buying a few of Watson's favorite things today, not having this happen again. In the end I still spent 3 hours on the bike and climbed nearly an hour of that time.

I spent the afternoon relaxing, eating and soaking up the sun in my very protected sun room which was somewhere in the 80's. We will see what another day of rest does along with some early to bed days. It's hard with the Olympics. I like riding in the cold but I'm getting a little sick of the wind.

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