Sunday, February 7, 2010

A new event

After being up way to early yesterday and nursing my fresh road rash I finally got moving. The sun was up, the coffee was gone my energy level was questionable but I didn't have much of a choice on what needed to be done for the day. I debate on whether this is a smart thing to do or not but I always have the firewood guy drop the wood at the end of the driveway so I have no choice but to move it since I can't get the car out.

Well it was another repeat. Hammered away at it for about an hour before I took break. Because of the abuse it puts on the body I figured if I split the job in half it would only hurt half as much. Good theory but I proved it wrong. Maybe it was what I did during the break. I had tempo on the agenda for today and the thought of riding inside was not high on my list. The Molly Monster needed a good run also. Skate skis it is. The bay was not as pristine so hitting tempo heart rates would not be a problem.

The sun made it all worth while as we headed out past the first island. My body was not exactly impressed with me. Shoulders and arms are very much needed in skate skiing and my left one was not super willing for the first few km's but started to soften. There was no really direction or plan on where to go but I did remember to pack $5 just in case I came across a random store that I could grab a coffee, not today. Great loop of the bay and managed to do the coach requests. Tempo heart rate at 75-85 rpm, well my skate stride was pretty close to that.

Now the fun side, I ended up wearing my monitor for the rest of my lumberjack time. It's total was training intensity but I'm 100 percent guaranteed that I will not be doing any type of lumberjack firewood race in the near future. I can see it now the 24 hours of wood stacking. Have lights on my wheel barrel for the night laps. It also still proves why Rocky was able to beat the big Russian dude. Lifting weights will never equal the man power built by throwing frozen firewood.

Of course I'm sore as hell this morning. In total it was 1:45 on the skis and 2.5 hours of wood moving and stacking. Well at least I will not freeze my *#^$@ off. I like burning things, it's fun. The skis will be staying on the rack today, the cross bike is waiting patiently for the thermometer to reach a certain number. No upper body work today. Lifting my coffee cup was hard enough.

Long range weather is looking good, thoughts on the new road bike have come a little closer to a reality, race schedule is getting a little closer to being done and the coffee pot is getting close to empty. Time to go

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