Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Gentle persuasion

Happy Groundhog Day!!! Which town rodent is going to be smart and give the right answer? Molly likes to chase squirrels, squirrels are rodents, rodents have big brothers, those are groundhogs, The Molly Monster likes to chase groundhogs that make stupid predictions. Run Rodent Run!!!!

I guess I shouldn't hold to much faith in something that walks on all fours. Look at most weatherman and politicians. It's been a pretty mellow winter so far, I think we have seen as much rain as we have snow. The snow blower has lots of rest and after the previous year it still needs more. If winter ends early it means a tough transition for the Monday Night Something and things have just become more entertaining.

Summer, no problem we ride bikes. Fall, no problem we ride bikes. Winter no problem we play around on snowshoes. Spring?? Problem, what will we do? With our newest addition to the crew we do want to keep the excitement going, at least for a few more weeks.

Came up the 6th line to see a swarm of people around a little red car. Nobody goes up the 6th line, there is the row of cars from our group plus this random red car on the other side of the row. Did someone not look both ways and step out in front of the car like they do in Toronto? Naw, my friends all remember what there Mom's said to them when they were 6 about looking both ways!! Oh, that's Krista's car, why is the front a little lower? Not sure what happened but my thoughts is she came around the corner in full rally slide after hearing rumours of all of us doing immature four wheel slides in to parking lots. A randomly placed snowflake pushed the car just a little off track and this is where she ended up.

15 minutes later after watching Andrew and Krista play with a shovel we pulled the car out with the power of the Honda. It's pretty bad when this is excitement for us on a Monday night. Most would find going out for a snowshoe in the dark straight into the woods would be exciting, for us this is just normal. We did wander around for another 45 minutes filled with stories, tree removal and crashes. Another fun Monday night.

If that little rodent predicts a short winter we wouldn't get all this type of excitement. I wonder if Krista's car can take 6 more times in the ditch?? Punxatomey Phil better be nice for Krista's sake.

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