Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Hard to change

Another Monday has come and gone. Coffee was drank, work was done, physio abused followed up by the usual snowshoes worn. Monday's are pretty much a steady routine and haven't changed in a couple years now. Either I'm really old and hate changing my routine or it's such a good routine that changing it would screw everything up so bad that the planets could come out of alignment. Hmmm, I think I will keep things the same.

This seems to come to bikes also. I've been back in forth on my new road bike. Having lots of options, maybe to many options I've spent time on manufacture websites, used gear websites etc etc. Came close to purchasing a 1 year old top of the pack 14 pound road bike but I'm still really nervous sending that type of money on a bike that I physically can't look at and touch until I've actually paid for it.

Looked at a couple custom build options, I also looked at bl0wout shop sales on 2009 models. There were lots of options. A couple things always kept me from going for the new ride. changing the shifting groupo is something I'm very back in forth on and I have to admit that change is something I just don't want to do. Campy is pretty and like a Ferrari, you just don't bring it to the local garage for a tune up. Plus all my wheel sets would now be useless for that set. As for Sram, I debated highly on this. Used Sram for a few years on the trails and then returned to Shimano after the company did a major change that I liked. Also the shifting pattern between the two is not dramatic. On the road, well that is the problem. The change is enough that I swear I would probably break off the brake lever forgetting which bike I'm on.

That said I pretty much wanted a bike with Shimano, I don't like change on the road. I want to be able to shut my mind off when out there and just put on the miles. This made me think I could hold out to the spring bike show and maybe I'd get lucky. Of course I'd have to know my prices and keep my figures crossed that sizing would match up. Same thing I could be doing that needle in the haystack since I happen to be a very common height and the price range I'm looking at spending is a pretty popular amount. Could be just dreaming about finding something there. So this is where I came to a final decision.

I don't like change, after so many years riding Giant's changing to another company is just something that doesn't feel right. At least for right now. That said the new ride came to be an easy decision. I'm actually back to my original plan for a bike. The wheels are already turning for the purchase of a pretty 2010 TCR Advanced.

I really did want a white bike, why? Just because. I considered downgrading a model to get the white frame but the money spent upgrading everything it was just not a smart idea. This has everything I want. Full Ultegra, pretty good wheels and more than light enough for me. Jacob estimates around the 16 pound mark. Since I don't race road and this is more a training tool I really should be riding a 20 pound road bike, make me work a little harder. Might have to invest in a trailer for those hill repeats. I wonder how the Molly Monster would feel about sitting in there?

The sun is coming up, the coffee is tasting good. Looks like another good day


Peter G said...

Hey Matt Spak

thanks for your link to my site ... i just realized and appreciate it

also i enjoy your stories

your headlogo is too big that is my opinion

also how did you get those click boxes for feedback those are sweet !

Matt Spak said...

Hey Peter

The options is in the dashboard settings. I think I was crazy and drinking when I found it.

As for the head logo, does it match the size of my head sometimes? most times? all the time???