Saturday, February 13, 2010

Let the games begin

It was a pretty low key day on the training front, squeezed in a short skate ski mid day. I knew I needed to save my energy for the late night festivities of the Olympic opening ceremonies. Being 3 time zones later than where I am I knew the odds were pretty slim i would manage to stay up for the whole thing. I was right.

I did miss the final leg of the torch run but found out that Wayne Gretzky lite the torch. Not a bad choice. So now it's 2 weeks of winter sports. There may be an attempt to wire up a laptop to the big tv in the training room with hopes that I'll be able to live stream most of the events. Could this make me want to train inside more. Probably not.

I did find the Canadians team outfit's a little interesting. It reminded me a little of the Bob and Doug McKenzie meet Red Green type look. I actually waited for one of them to pull a beer out of their pocket and tell the French to "take off eh".

The Olympics do come at a great time with the count down to the end of winter. It equals a great distraction. With that countdown started one of the normal things i look forward to is the Uxbridge Icebreaker. I've done this event a few times now and unfortunately that was the last time. The organizer have decided to cancel the event this year after numbers hit a low last season. I'm really disappointed because this was such a fun way to start the season. I guess Paris to Ancaster may be the new first event this year.

Time to go play

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