Thursday, February 4, 2010

cookies make the world go round

Life on the trainer keeps things a little boring right now. It's controlled intervals that when it comes to telling a story is almost impossible. Last night was no different, after a long day at work toyed with the thought of riding outside but at the sun dropped quickly so did the temperature and my motivation. Looks like it's will be another session in front of the tv. I hope.

Some have the magic 8 ball, for me it's a coin toss. I was tired after work, draggy tired and did the coin toss on taking the night off the bike. I won and opted for the couch. No more than 10 minutes later I was asleep. It's amazing how an hour nap revitalizes the body. I still debated back in forth and opted for another coin toss with my slightly rejuvenated body. I still won. A little work around the house and continued to debate. After looking at the clock and calculating the time needed to do the workout and the time I wanted to go to bed I still had room in the curve.

Next came the bribery of cookies. If all else fails, bribery works. Of course I need some pre ride enjoyment to satisfy that very small part of me, the I need it now way before I ever even consider doing the pay out for it side. Those that know me know that is not me but we are talking about cookies here not a tv, or another unnecessary toy that is not really needed.

1.5 hour later I was getting off the bike and happy. Legs are a good sore today and I have an outdoor play day today where I get to choose what I want to do. Still not as good of a temptation as cookies but a close second. Work first.

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