Sunday, February 28, 2010

As the planets align

Let's just say that yesterday was one day closer to having everything in snyc. My race schedule has pretty much been finalized, a random email yesterday helped decide it. Let's just say that I'm really excited. I'll be doing something that I've haven't' been able to do in a few years.

Another random email will alter another race decision, more on that another time. Yes there were enough emails going through my computer to jam up the Internet. Don't people talk on the phone anymore???

The pimp parts for the Chuck Norris bike are on order, the is one missing component which I've yet to decide on. The bars need to be changed out to a wing bar but I'm hoping for some random diamond in the rough find at the Toronto Bike Show next weekend.

As for me physically, I'm back to feeling very Olympic. After a good walk with the dogs in the morning, I needed it to soften the legs up, I jumped on the hamster wheel of death with my eyes focused on the numbers. It didn't take me long to feel confident that the rest did the body good. Legs felt great during the long zone 3 intervals. My typical body with it's slow to warm up had me go up 10 watts by the third interval. I was feeling very happy!!!

A meet up with my coach for dinner last night with stories told, food consumed and beer and espresso drank lead up to the final plan for today's adventure. There is some fresh deep snow on those hills of Oro and are craving some foot prints left in them. Oh ya and the dogs need to be exhausted, 4 dogs, 3 people, should be comical.

An interesting side note of how far my training has come in the last 2 years. I was looking back at a power test I had done 2 years ago in February. I'm actually stunned at the difference. I've even compared to last year. I've yet to do a max wattage test this year, I think I'll run that one past Heather today. I'm curious, maybe I shouldn't find out and save it for the trails.

Time for food and play. More tomorrow

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