Wednesday, February 10, 2010

When is enough enough?

After a couple hours of bendy, stretchy try to get flexible again, the body needed it this after my Rocky Balboa firewood moving training session. Rocky I am not, Bullwinkle maybe? I wandered down to the bestest room in my house, the basement aka the bike and toy room. I had a bit of an agenda with the future new arrival. Where the hell am I going to put it.

This brought the thought of how many bikes are enough? I think I've thought about this way to many times but maybe I need to justify it to myself. Is there a specific number? A perfect balance point. I know Miss Tanya is almost as bad as I am with her collection, a women who loves bikes!!!! My friend Jeremy has a huge row of wheels but he uses the excuse that the bikes are divided evenly between him and his wife. My fastest friend barely technically owns a bike. So why do I need so many? Do they make any faster? Sometimes yes sometimes no. Do they make me feel safe like a crazy person with the Catcher in the Rye? I won't answer that one.

This is the third or forth time I've rearranged the setup each time making more efficient use of space. Can you tell I'm an endurance racer with a comment like that, looking for every ounce of power with as minimal effort needed. Trying to make it so that each bike is easily accessible because I actually use them all. Maybe that's how you justify needing this many bikes.

The list is getting long:

Carbon hardtail: O-cups and training
2 identical full suspensions: Marathons. 8 hours and 24 hours
29er Single speed: winter bike and the MNS rides
Old full suspension half built: this is my only debatable bike, my first good bike just can't seem to sell it. Maybe a geared winter bike
Cyclocross bike: winter bike, cross bike, crap weather bike
Carbon road: simple training
Aluminum/carbon road: My older road bike which will be used on the trainer, wet road, etc
Fixie: Do I need to explain
BMX: ???

Did I mention that I'm getting a bmx, after breaking the derailleur the cost of a bmx is almost equal to the cost of a replacement shifting device. This may also have me down at Joyride more often because if I'm on a bike that I am not clipped into then I am not technically training. Maybe I'll build a pump track in the lower front yard of the house. I never use that part of the yard anyways.

After an hour or so I've moving hangers, hooks and bikes I think I've pretty much maxed out the space. Now if I got rid of the hot water tank and furnace I could add at least 3-4 more spots. I think the recovery week has already got my heart rate up higher in anticipation than most of the intervals last week.

One project done on a list of many. I have this feeling that the week will fly by. Time for that work thing.

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The Vegan Vagabond said...

I'm currently in the process of selling TWO bikes. Seems that yes, a girl can have too many bikes.