Friday, February 19, 2010

Coming to an end

I'm counting the days till spring and this also means I'm counting the days that I'm still going to have left to ski. I'm seeing more and more bike specific training now and I'll admit that skiing is a little irritating to my lower joints. Of course it's a great time for me and the Molly Monster to get miles in together. I'm not sure who is getting the bigger benefit out of it.

Last night I was able to get out on the snow while there was still daylight. Figured I'd get my session of hills in when I can actually see where I'm going. Going up is the easy part, a few of those downhills are a little nasty. We made our way over to the hills of Oro where you are greeted by this sign.

My excuse is that I don't know where the clock feature is on the new HR monitor. After an hour of going up and down and that included only one really close call of actually going down it was time to head to the slightly less vertical areas. It was getting dark and I don't trust my technical skills on things like Achy Breaky with limited headlamp vision. I didn't want to break anything tonight.

That turned into a great idea because the snow started to roll in as the last of the light disappeared. The trails were in pretty good shape. I brought out the classics last night for a change. It's been a good month since the last time I played on them and it's probably going to be one of the last times this year. I've given myself till the Toronto Bike Show weekend to still be skiing. After that it's only bikes, that's the plan at least.

A solid 2.5 hour ski has me feeling a little stiff this morning and Molly seemed to move a little slower also as she jumped up on the couch. The new toy works well now that I have it all setup. That purple graph is the climbing for the day.

The weekend is here, almost. I don't think I'll be beating the boy's ride points tally but I'll be putting in some good solid miles. Until tomorrow.

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Matt - what program is that on the computer?