Thursday, February 25, 2010

Broke down

I'm pulling the plug on the training for a couple days. Still not feeling that great, the hopes were returning faster than the recovery. Final decision was made yesterday on what would have been the warm up for my interval workout. My hot rod car was finally ready to be picked up. Let's just say that timing of when it broke, timing to get it into the shop and then the type of car are all factors in the two months it was motionless.

Jumped on the cross bike, pressed the start button on my wrist lap top and it took only about a minute for me to decide. 10 minutes later there was still no improvement so I pretty much said screw it to trying to force the body to feel good and I actually just road my bike with no particular focus. It was a nice feeling I must say. It was a rare time that I didn't have music being pumped into the brain, all I heard was the sounds of the world. the birds, the wind, the snow the transport trucks whizzing by. 45 minutes of that and I was loading up the wagon for the return trip home. It's nice to have the car back. I spend so much time in the Element during work hours I was really getting sick of driving it on personal time. Felt like I was still working.

I'll try again on the weekend and see where things are at. The weather is looking a little unpredictable at this point and with my body appearing to be weak and frail right now I'll probably resort to indoor miles. I think I went through this exact same thing last year right about this time. Rest is good, I'll use all my extra time to scheme a way to melt all the snow on the trails and the road shoulders.

I'll save a few other things fCheck Spellingor another day, I've been lacking in material and creativity lately so I'm needing to milk the simplest things to the max to be able to write more than 17 words. I'll blame this on the weather also.

Time to run, walk, crawl to work.

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The next few weeks is the hardest part of the winter to get through.