Friday, February 5, 2010

A welcome change

Not sure if the planets came into alignment, all world wars ended or it was just pure dumb luck but I was home early enough to actually train during daylight hours. They are stretching out a little longer now but mix in the combination of warmer weather and it felt like I hit the lottery. I did miss the full force part of the sun as the clouds rolled in as I made my way to the biggest ski trail around.

Headed out with the Molly Monster with skate skis in hand for a warm up walk to Georgian Bay. I'm not sure of any other way of warming up for skate skiing since my heart rate pretty much launches as I put them on and stays there till I take them off. Well I did have all those cookies to burn off. I'm not sure who needed the ski more, me or the dog. It's funny that I opted for the skis before the bike with this type of weather. Maybe it's my intuition that the snow will be gone soon and the skis will begin collecting dust.

Now somehow I managed to make a loop on water. One big random island seemed to work. With not a lot of snowmobile traffic out there being mid week I kinda wander on the out route I wanted to take. It's not like the roads or trails where I know all the local stuff inside out. Not being a boater this was still all new ground for me. We toured around a few of the ice hut villages, a sport I still can't understand but I do believe it includes lots of drinking games for amusement. Hooked on to a collection of tracks thinking that if the sledders all go this way maybe I should check it out.

In amongst a bunch of small islands and a light house I found a place that I need to come back to in the summer by canoe and just hang out. I'll also need to do some more exploration on the skis before the snow/ice goes. A short time later we slide into the parking lot again. A great 1.5 hour skate ski and a slightly tired dog. Me, well I'm still feeling a little energetic, just the thought of actual forward motion had me feeling good. A quick change of clothes and I had the cross bike in hand.

I was watching the clock a little now, between apres work traffic and the daylight on the short side now I kept for a short out and back on hwy 12. Had I spent the time switching out the semi slicks wheel set up to the other wheels that was 5 minutes of wasted time that I could be out pedalling. I know. Hwy 12 way nice and clear and managed to put another hour in. It was nice to see what the legs can do in forward motion. Reading wattage numbers just doesn't give that same rewarding feeling of running out of gears on the flats and not be redlining the body. Of course it wasn't hard to max out the 34-12 gear ratio and still be low in the heart rate.

2.5 hours of not on the trainer or the rollers or having to wear a light to see has now given me a little boost in energy. What could the weekend entail. More later, it's Friday time to hammer through work.

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