Saturday, May 22, 2010

Creativity at a minimum, I'm on holidays

My weekend has begun, my alarm clock has been shut off for the next 10 days, holidays have begun and I'm awake at 5:45 drinking coffee and twiddling my thumbs wondering what I should do and when. Why is it when you can sleep in you can't and when you need to be up and eager you drag your ass out of bed??? The weather is holding off and I have an agenda of riding for the weekend. Still pretty low key, nothing top end.

Holiday plans are pretty mellow. With the Canada Cup at Hardwood only a week out I'm hoping that the legs will be recovered enough. This is the only short race that I'm hoping to have some half decent results at. I'll get some good quality time on the course and having a couple of the U23 guys chilling at my place for the week will give me a couple more people to ride with.

No updates from anyone in the other country of Quebec. I'm guessing that the internet over there is restricted to royalty only. Short thoughts today, road bike is calling. Just another typical Saturday morning.

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Anonymous said...

Matt, I have to tell you, you do a great job of making "nothing" sound great.

Love reading your blog.

Good luck with your race