Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Headed out on the road bright an early yesterday. It was a nice change doing my training in the morning on a weekday while all the other sucka's are on their way to work. I know that I will pay for that comment soon enough. A week is really not all that long. There was no holidays from the training front though and I had numbers and times in my head along with the route that I could do what needed to be done.

Before the abuse session began I got stopped in my tracks. I saw a scientific miracle that will bring a whole new element for farming. This might be needed to compete with the dirt jump/pump tracks that seem to be showing up in gardens. Have you ever wondered where all those green bins they sell at the grocery store come from??

There grown, I caught this batch before they bloomed into that environmentally friendly colour of dark green. Who says plastic is not of the earth??? I think I'
ve proven it.

After scratching my head for a few moments in aww I got back to the task at hand. I had a new start point today which opened up a few road options to me. My ugly orange truck was in for service, starting in Midland had me me heading out towards the beach on some fast flat roads. No wind and lots of sun. I was a little happy to be on the bike at the time I was. Made my way to Vasey line to play on some hills as i made my way back towards the house. Nice 2 hour ride and rolled in just as the heat wave began.

Tonight should be a thriller, the potential of a World Cup of Hardwood weekly race round 2. I think I may put a disclaimer on the front of my bike to prove my innocence. Blame it on the out of towners here for the Canada Cup. Dam tourists.

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