Saturday, May 29, 2010

Preperation is everything

yesterday was a trip out to Hardwood Ski and Bike. I could have driven, I could have walked but I had to ride and this was yet another one of those opportunities to ride a few roads that I normally don't get on. It's all about this starting point changes. I don't want it to become a habit but it's been nice not starting on the same roads every time where I know every bump, crack and distortion.

For this day it was starting down in Orillia as I dropped off my Anthem at The Bike Stop. The Shake'N'Bake twins did a once over final tune up and a replacement of a cooked bushing, seems like the ghost of Summer Solstice of last year had to do a final haunt. Of course this also let me know that the bike would be perfect. To not sit and distracted them from what needs to be done I was off along the Lakeshore for the longish way over to Hardwood for registration.

It was a nice tour along the waters edge. Not to much in the line of hills and I reminded myself to shift to an easier gear and drop the pace. This was a scheduled chill ride but there was a minimal time needed.

I have determined that I only want to ride on roads that has thick enough tree coverage that it feels like a tunnel. The temptation to just ride back and forth was there.

Rolled into Hardwood and I found the line that certain Elite's may have taken. No it's not taped so it's legal and it's such a good line that to take the wussy safe line, which is longer, would have only led to ridicule. Money paid, some social time with the Norco guys, some cheap thrills riding 23c's down the ramp into a parking lot that was softer than a beach and I was en route back to Orillia. I won't say up here what fully happened next but it involved police, some signage, some miss communication amongst some and someone being a bit of an ass. No it wasn't me being an ass. Honest. Ask me in person and I'll tell you the story.

Uneventful for the rest of the ride which was good. Back a little quicker than I thought which was better because the break in between, the socializing, the unplanned interruption had left me getting hungry. That mean violent hungry. Soon enough it was two bikes on the roof, food in my stomach and a return to home.

The quote of the night came from Cody. This is like an east coast kitchen party for cyclists. We were all in the basement of my place watching Andrew L. and his coach frame swap his Trek. There was a continued debate that Andrew is riding a Giant underneath that flashy white and black paint. That didn't go over well. We also had some predictions for Sunday's results.

Mine are this. Mr.Watson for the win (it's his backyard) followed by DZ, Raph, Matt H. and Peter will fill in the top 5.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, big surprise that you pick Watson for the win. Your man crush is making you biased.