Sunday, May 9, 2010

The simple things

With rain, and snow and everything else but spring like conditions my craving to be on the bike was on the low side. End of a recovery week, not racing, in some cases the conditions were great because it forced me to take things low key. After a few hours chilling at Bike Stop with the Shake'N'Bake twins solving the world problems and seeing my 98% ready to go for next weekends 8 hour Giant Anthem. For those looking for some bike pimping to be done you need to head north to Orillia.

From there it was loading up the car with dogs instead of bikes and hitting up some trails at a different pace. I know that I said I'm not a fan of running or walking but that is only when I'm pushing/pulling/dragging a bike beside me. In one of my previous lives I spent a fair bit of time hiking random trails. Today was a short adventure to McCrae Lake. This place turns into a zoo during the summer with campers, not surprising a little bit of rain and 1000 mile an hour winds pretty much gave me and the dogs the trails to ourselves.

With the isolation I even avoided shutting out the world with headphones and cranked up music to listen to the sounds of the wind. I know sappy but it was a nice change enjoying it's sounds without being blown over. The dogs seemed a little less than impressed and just wandered with excitement of all the new smells.

The midway point had me in a small bay which gave me a little bonus. Had I been buried in music I would have never heard the two pairs of Loons having some wild conversations on how to save the world. I think they probably had better ideas than a few cyclists. I tucked behind a tree for a few minutes out of the wind and just enjoyed the sounds. Twiddle-dee and Twiddle-dumb weren't to impressed.

Of course the Molly Monster is Twiddle Dumb and decided she wanted to go swimming in the plus 5 degree water with the outside air about the same. Ya she depends on her looks since she is smart but not always bright.

The wind continued to get stronger and a few blasts of snow let me know it was time to head back towards the car. It was a nice change to slow things down a bit. Enjoy the simple things of just putting one foot in front of another, looking around and listening. The fact that I had two tired dogs after that was a bit of a bonus.

The snow has stopped, the wind has not this morning. The sun is trying to make it look nice out there. Looks like a great day for a road ride. I think I'll be trying to buffer out the wind today

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