Thursday, May 27, 2010

Man up and sliding out

I'll start with some fun thoughts tonight. Preride of the Canada Cup course became a failure. Half way through the lap and at possibly the scariest part of the the course for this to happen, 12 feet in on Boneshaker my front brake decided to relieve itself of pressure. The term death gripping the brakes took on a whole new meaning. Managed to stop before certain death or dismemberment and got a re tune. Still a little temperamental but would be good enough to get me through the weekly series.

First off it's hot, second and I am not complaining here, it's extremely dry. So dry that after the first pack went off the haze hung in the air indefinitely. My little chill race went pretty good except for the fact that I had zero traction and had a few interesting scenarios happen. I washed out of so many corners and was on the edge of control so much in the beginning that I backed down enough to make sure I'd race another day. I had visions of drifting into a tree. Still finished 7th and got the needed training in. Felt really good in the heat, I'll be concerned about the dust though, not much during the race but afterwards the lungs are not going to be happy. I've also concluded that I'll be racing on the Anthem. It's a beat me up type course and I want to go in a little more padded.

Now comes the disturbing part of the day and where I will be off to this morning Do you remember this cute guy?

I still remember the day he came home. Of course he is all grown up now at a mean age of 1 and a typical teenager. Sex and fighting seems to be all on his mind as of late, mix that into a not so small cute kitten anymore and now you have this.

He has grown into a monster of 14 pounds and mixed with a bit of a bad attitude. When he was trapped in last night, lets just say he made it very well known to everyone that he was pissed off. If he only had a clue about what is going to be happening. I don't consider Bob (Bobke) on the high side of the intelligence scale. At least he has the looks.

As much as I feel bad for him on a man side of thing, he is going to lose his manhood today. It was a good time with me on holidays. With the guys here also there will be enough of us around for us to sympathize with him over his next couple days of recovery.

Time to do the mission, the vet is waiting. Plus his continued whining to go outside is starting to get on my nerves. He may want to watch himself or I'll be the one removing his balls out of annoyance. Hmmm and I wonder why there are no children in my house?

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