Tuesday, May 11, 2010

`fighting the planning demon

As the countdown starts so does my obsessive compulsive side of over planning. Less than a week away until I sit my ass on the bike for 8 plus hours. This week is actually really hard on me because I start to get fidgety and anxious. This happens with any race that I have to do more than just pack a race kit and a couple bottles.

Every 8 hour or 24 hour race if I caved to my I would have the car loaded including the bikes on top, everything organized perfect and be sitting in the car staring at the clock saying, is it time to go can I go now. I know the boys at Bike Stop saw just a slight glimpse of my planning panic with the one Anthem. I'm used to having both bikes test ridden, clean and ready to go. I'm attempting to break that routine just a little with a final test ride of one bike tonight and a test ride on Thursday of the other which has been tuned by the boys.

I know everyone get a little nervous before events, I used to be bad for it, now I'm a lot more low key the week before but of course this over organizing seems to compensate. My week itself has been planned out to even where and what I'm going to ride, what I'm doing after, what still needs to be cleaned and packed etc.

The body is coming around, like it should be. I'll get a small test of the legs tomorrow at the weekly race series at Hardwood. Should be fun. I need to pack something, is it time to go yet? how about now? I swear I would be sitting in the parking lot all week if I could.


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