Thursday, May 6, 2010

Flashbacks or nightmares??

Timing for yesterday was a little out of whack, I was home from the real world job but and I was in decision on what to do for the fun type job. The thought of the 5 hour ride got shut down pretty quick when the first few rain drops hit the ground but I drove into the weather. Hmmm south of here is still clear, for the moment.

Loaded up the car in record time and I was south bound heading to Albion Hills roughly an hour away which with my fingers crossed would still be in a very tropical condition, for 3 laps. I had some coaching requirements to do along with my attempt to know the O-cup course inside and out. The amount of races I've done there, I think I know every root, rock and turn better than my hand.

In the parking lot I wasn't the only one hoping to squeeze a few laps in before the rain. Headed out on the start loop and unfortunately wasn't fully paying attention and add a little more to the first lap than what is officially the course. I was having fun and remembered how flowy the trails are here. I haven't been back since the last 24 hour race last year.

As I finished up the first lap I could see some slightly unpleasant clouds, I actually removed my sunglasses to get an unaltered look just how dark the clouds were that were rolling in. Coaching requirements became slightly altered as my pace quickened just a bit to make sure I could get at least a second lap in. Rode the courses normal distance and right around the midway point Mother Nature got mad. Usually rain is nice and the tap comes on slowly and progressively gets harder. Not sure if that happened when I was in the trees, I don't think it did. One second it was dry, then it was a wall of water. A couple thunder rumbles in the distance.

This is where I had one of those 60's hippie bad trip/overdose flashback. To when you may ask, it's not obvious? Summer Solstice last year was one of the toughest days mentally let alone physically and eventually emotionally since I've started racing. I was able to get my brain back in the now before I slid into a tree. Where I was on the course was an area that still showed some traces of that race.

Soaked to the bone I cut the last double track out of the lap and took shelter under the tailgate of the car, there were many doing the same. 10 minutes later that cloud of rain cleared, 2 minutes after the next cloud rolled in. My ride was done, it's a fun course. Still debating on racing this weekend, it will be a game day decision but at least I have the course embedded in my brain.

The rain is needed, the trails are screaming for it and my grass is very happy. My bikes are not fans of it. What will today bring???

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