Sunday, May 30, 2010

It's that time again

It's race day, the house is just starting to get stirring. The race stuff will be up tomorrow, today is a little preride fun. Got a couple good laps in first thing in the morning. Seems that everyone had the same idea as me and the parking lot filled in quickly along with the line up for plate pick up and sign in. Hi-light of the morning,

A very nice Norco Mug that is just looking to be filled with coffee.

The low-side of the morning was when I asked Havy if this included unlimited refills every time I come and chill at the Norco trailer. With no hesitation "it's your job now to bring me coffee." Forgot to ask what he likes. Next race.

Couple laps of the course, the second felt so much better once the legs woke up. It's not a course that can be ridden slowly, to many rooty sections that will stop you dead with no momentum. Things seem to be hooking up in the corners and could almost trust the berms, of course I'm now back on the fully on a tire that I know. Clean run down Boneshaker, unlike last year during the preride. I'm supposedly a fairly good technical rider, it's really shows here.

Things in the land of Waubaushene will be all back to normal after today. Cody and Andrew will be heading out right after the race, Molly will return to her spot on the couch and unfortunately for me it will be a return to the working world on Monday. Holidays are just not long enough, and since I didn't win the lottery yet again this week. I also forgot to buy a ticket so that old like work is for sucka's and now I'll be one of those sucka's.

More coffee, i',m currently drinking Havy's, then off to Hardwood. More thrills tomorrow.

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