Friday, May 21, 2010

Turtle power

I wasn't more than 10 minutes into my ride when I came across this guy. It didn't kick in right away on what this type of sign may be but it didn't take long. I didn't get to close and act like a 10 year old and poke at him with a stick to get him to attack. I gave him credit and figured he wouldn't go after me but try and take a chunk out of my wheel.

Headed out for a loop around the Big Chute. With it finally summer like, still spring like wind (but warm) I knew this was a great choice. This weekend I would avoid that road like the plague as all the cottagers eagerly make their ways up to the cottage. Oh how I love my area.

An hour into the ride I came across the mini-me version of that snapping turtle. He was on a mission to get to the other side. He was chasing the chicken.

This is also when I started to my intensity seemed a little lower. The wonderful thing of the power tap telling me exactly what my legs are doing. Everything matched between HR and Power but my mind telling my legs to go to a certain level and my legs started into a small temper tantrum. Over the next hour they continued to scream a little bit louder each time "I don't wanna!!!"

I saw this sign and thought to myself, LEGS RUN?? Hell I would be happy to have legs pedalling. Finished up my ride with a longer cool down. I got into a drag race with two kids, one on a bmx, one on a mountain bike. Let's just say I was just a little concerned that they might ride away from me. Yes, I'm still immature enough to race kids, they started it!!!

It's a chill day today, long weekend is here and I will be officially on holiday's around 4pm today. Means lots of coffee consumption. Hoping my turtle powered legs will be gone soon.

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