Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A glimpse of hope

The scenario went pretty much like this. Had a few minutes of down time during the work day so I stopped into a certain non Giant bike dealer to chat things up with friends. Talks of the past road race quickly made it's way to this weekends Ontario Cup at Albion Hills. My excitement raised a bit and said I might get to actually see what my legs can do recovered. I'm a little excited. No word of a lie 30 seconds after I said that my phone beeped and a text from my coach came in.

Do you want to race this weekend? YES! You have to do a 5 hour ride this week, is Saturday fine??? F#(K!!! Guess I'll be battling for last place. A few minutes later after some talks of potential preride days I was back to work texting the evil woman called Heather. I wanna go fast!!!! Please Please let me go fast.

A visit later in the day with Heather and Jason the negotiations started. I stated my case and Heather shut it down pretty fast with a comment I don't care about these first races!!! She of course is right and they don't mean anything to me, just training rides but the problem for me is my competitive nature and how strong I've seen my legs be on certain rides, just not on race days. Soon she kept telling me, the spring 8 hour is the release day.

The negotiations did work a little though and I now do have the option to do the 5 hour ride any day this week if possible. Today, nope my legs are still tired for Sunday and I have this craving for a fun easy trail ride. It is a recovery week of sorts. I've already got the ride planned out it's just watching the work day/weather combination. It's only 5 hours, I have lights, it stays bright until almost 9 now. No problem. There could be chance of me being semi fast at something I'm not really that fast at on Sunday. I'm hope

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