Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Put me in Coach, I'm ready to play. No, you're not!!!

The texting conversation went a little like this.

How are you feeling?

Not bad.

I need a final list of the races you're planning on doing.


Next peak will be this.

Ok, how does that 24 hour solo in August fit in. I want to do it for shits and giggles, not as a focus.

It doesn't fit in. What was your main goals for this year.

I spent the next few minutes coming up with the best "ya but" and "what if'" or "how about" but all that seemed to go back in that text was "OK"

It was a simple reminder on what I was focused on in the beginning. The 8-9 hour races were the plan for 2010, a 24 hour solo was not and you just can't through that type of race in the mix even for shit's and giggles. I couldn't go into that race low key even if I wanted to, my competitive nature. So, for the first time in many years there will be no 24 hour solo event in my schedule. Am I disappointed, a little. Did I expect to hear those words from my coach, ya I did.

So what could happen for the 24 hour of Hot August nights for me this year. Another return of the MNS, which could include a little more partying than even last year. I know that there would be no battle between us and the Norco team in the same way since Mr. Watson will be away at a World Cup that weekend. Could I end up on some random team whoring myself out for a couple fast laps. Could I even take the weekend off and maybe even just chill out around the course. It's months away, lots of excitement between now and then.

I could find myself back on the bike tonight for an easy ride. Still one more optional day off.


Peter Keiller said...

so let me get this straight.

for three years now we have been saying you 'SPAK'ed' we laugh in the face of other people and yell 'YOU SPAK'ed' and now what you're saying is no no no...I didn't 'SPAK' I got 'COACH'ed'.

no. i like that not as much i do.

Matt Spak said...

Yep I've been told. I'm weak and lacked a good amount of reason to win the arguement so I caved before the race even started.

I bow my head in shame