Sunday, May 23, 2010

A changing landscape

A non typical long weekend weather got me out on the TCR early in the morning. To early for a long weekend but with the fear of rain, hail, lightning, cat, dogs, trees, and UFOs falling from the sky the fact that it was sunny meant I better go now. A small list of to-do for the ride from my favourite abusive woman helped me figure out what roads to take. Actually all the crazy tourists and cottagers had me decide this. For the next 4 months some of my wonderful peaceful roads turn into a speedway to the cottage. Hmmm, it's just easier to live here.

After the requirements were done I decided to make a couple new lefts and rights on to some random roads. This is when I came across this.

This is the best use of farm land, EVER!!! Screw eating, having a pump track where corn used to grow seems like a great idea for me. As tempting as it was I didn't make a run at it. I don't believe Giant designed the TCR to leave the ground.

My legs are finally starting to come around. 3 hours and had steady power with very little complaints out of them. I found some new route options also with a few newly paved roads that happen to be in a very hilly area. I'm not sure if all them actually go anywhere or are paved all the way through but I'll be finding out soon enough.

Back to coffee, need to get jacked up for the ride today in Copeland.

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