Saturday, May 1, 2010

Good for some not for others

The weather for the weekend that is. I'm wondering if I will rub the curve and get my long ride in without getting wet or hit by lighting. fingers are crossed. But on the the other hand I do want it to rain as the continued house projects continue. I now have grass around the shop/Uncle Tom cabin and it would be nice to have it grow wonderful and think with the gentle help of Mother Nature.

The weekend conditions are a little questionable but regardless I'm heading out shortly to hook up with the Saturday morning group ride. I'll be rolling the TCR today, just because. Ok I'm being lazy and I want to go faster with less effort.

I know, boring. I'll take a few pictures later to fill in the blanks. The coffee is not working it's magic this morning. Maybe I should start into a bottle of wine at 7am next time. More later, promise!!!

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