Friday, April 30, 2010

How fast can he go??

Not me, I know exactly how I ride. I can go sorta fast for a short time and not that slow for a long time. It was the dog that I raced against yesterday on my ride. I think this was the first dog chase of the year and at one point it became a little fun then it became a little bit nerving.

It wasn't really a chase as in the dog wanted to gnaw on my chicken leg but more a side by side look I can go as fast as you without using a bike. For the first few hundred feet I found it amusing seeing a black lab running at 30 km/h. I waited for the dog to tire but he just kept going. I sped up a little to 35 ish, he accelerated to the same and drifted a little closer to me, guess he thought he could catch a little draft.

This is when i began to get concerned. A truck coming in the distance, a quick glance and another truck coming from behind. I soft pedalled for all of 1 second but this was what the dog needed to get a few feet ahead of me. My concerns started to become realities, I was going to run out of room real quickly. The dog started to drift even more to the left, drift right in front of my wheel. The trucks started to slow, I slowed the dog wandered across the road in front of all three of us.

Tail waging and head up he looked proud that he kept pace and possibly won the sprint between us, of course I didn't tell him that the line was still way up there. I change the rules to what fits me and with the trucks slightly distracting him I made my break, standing, sprinting up to over 45 then to 50 km/h. I looked back and he started to make an attempt but realized that it wasn't going to happen. I crossed the line, first. It doesn't matter if you win by an inch or a mile, cheating is cheating but if you win it doesn't matter?? I will still say that this black lab did impress me, until he attempted to take me out. For those wondering Upper Big Chute road just before the 90 degree turn at the church is where this dog is at.

Rest of the ride was pretty uneventful, a few zone 3 intervals, planned but of course with the continued strong wind I think they would have been forced upon regardless. My legs were feeling pretty good, semi recovered and as I continued along the loop it began to show that there is some power in those skinny little things. As I came closer and closer to the end I noticed the average speed. Nice. I went around the 65 km loop averaging 31 km/h, it put a smile on my face. I will say that I needed that because of course with the first 8 hour coming up I wanted to actually know if I was stronger this year or not and the first 2 races have not been a real good gauge of that. After last nights semi not tired ride I'm feeling more confident with them. Oh and yes I enjoyed the scenery of the loop. My most favouritest ride on pavement.

What will the weekend bring??

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